jewellery hanger / sculpture I made from some wooden blocks by treehorn.

one of their necklaces is hanging as well as some faves by other Australian creatives klei and emily green and my friend Gab.
this is getting out of hand… 
Adventure Girls,
a collage by me.
(candle sculptures from apartamentomagazine)
what’s going on here?

At last! I’ve found a B1 for my B2! Or perhaps it’s the other way round…

Just a regular pair of mates. hahaha.

New guy could do with a pyjama top, though. Would anybody like to knit him one?

a spooky collage inspired by halloween :)

meet my new friend, Frog!

I think he’s pretty funny.

party cucumber.
22nd Oct 201303:512 notes
Best signage in Perth.
Best pet coiffure in the world (possibly).
I made a minimalist collage for some minimalist 90s heels I’m selling here.
Opaque  by  andbamnan